Vallea Lumina / by Jeremy Allen

Picture this, you and a group of friends are walking through a dark forest. There are lanterns on either side of this little pathway you are following. You're looking for two lost hikers. 

As soon as you enter this stroll in search for the hikers, the mood is quickly set with colourful lights that illuminate the woods and visual effects that appear to be displayed out of thin air. Be prepared, these are just some of the visuals you might experience.

Vallea Lumina - 

Old stories tell of the wondrous things that happen near Whistler. Between the trees, in the shadow of mountains, legends say there’s a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, filling all living things with its pure light.

It’s a place that’s filled with unexpected enchantment. There’s a way to get there, but few know how to find it. Those who visit and witness its secrets remember it long after they leave.

Join an evening excursion and follow cryptic radio transmissions and the lingering traces of two long-ago hikers to find the scenic trailhead where the real journey begins… This pathway leads toward a place filled with beauty, and proof that the legends of Whistler are true.


An easy hour walk takes you on a journey through a magical world in the forest.


Walking through this was amazing to say the least. We got lost in our own thoughts, never truly seeing anything quite like this. It's refreshing to see an amazing night time experience that isn't going to the bar! The Adventure Group offers a free shuttle service from Whistler Village, which made the experience that much easier.

Model - Josh Prostamo (Left), Lorne Hancock (Right)

Model - Josh Prostamo (Left), Lorne Hancock (Right)

As a photographer, I'd be stopped in my path at so many locations. Visually in heaven from all the different forms of light which were constantly changing.

Model - Lorne Hancock

Model - Lorne Hancock

What a surreal moment, standing on that bridge with every colour of light you could imagine lighting up the woods. It's a visual overload in the best way possible. So amazing to experience something like this right in our backyard.

At last we found our hikers, playing some music and hanging out with one of the coolest visual effects ever. A slight mesh sheet hung up in the wood makes it appear is if they are being projected out of thin air. 

Thank you to Vallea Lumina, The Adventure Group and Moment Factory for putting on such an amazing event. Couldn't be more stoked with the way everything went. I'll be going back very very soon!

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